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Is It Time To Forget Social Media?

In 2008 I joined a movement.

It started with an upload of some data and snippets of my life to Facebook to get started and then logging in. And this was quickly followed by a Twitter profile. Then the posting of my first tweet.

The digital banter had started and I was hooked.

So I kept diving in.

We all kept tweeting and playing and watching the global and often witty screen driven repartee. Then the iPhone made its mark.

Gave us our portable publishing machines. The text messages became photo sharing and then we recorded our lives in full HD video.

And then the addiction went to a whole new level.

For years it was a fun and frivolous Wild West. Few filters and no algorithms of consequence. It was an innocent game of considered sharing and playful innocence.

But then things changed.

In the beginning it felt like an equal exchange. We were working together.

Our information is now used to make money. Without our permission. 

The bad actors used it to separate our humanity for their own greed and means.

Lies override truth.

Sharing became narcissism.

Open platforms allowed cyber bullying.

Then they brought in the machines. Started charging us to reach our followers. 

They have scaled the disease of more. Corporate and global greed disguised as innovation and caring. At a commercial level, the robots are now making it difficult to even place an innocent Ad as AI rejects or blocks the very reasonable submission.

But if you have millions of dollars in your back pocket and disinformation to spread then the door is wide open. 

We now need to reconsider that relationship. Because it is not working for the good.

Just for the social media mafia brotherhood.

It is time to change the game.

Or we may slowly go insane.

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