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Things just feel weird.

Sometimes I think it is the minuscule and hidden threat that still challenges our health and lives that emerged just over 12 months ago.

Often the paranoia is palpable as what was safe is now seen as dangerous. A cough in public is viewed with suspicion and averted glances and feeling a bit warm or having a niggling sore throat is a sure sign that our mortality is under threat and death is imminent. 

Shaking hands is now socially unacceptable and a hug is to be avoided at all costs. And the current stand-in practice of the elbow tap just feels plain wrong.

But I also think a lot of it has to do with a tinge of fear due to forced change.

As humans, we generally don’t deal well with having our normal routines and habits threatened especially when it is fast and rapid and out of our control.

That’s when the demons show up in the dark of night, during the quiet moments of reflection, and in the early mornings.

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