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What is HRIS? Human Resources Information System Defined

We touched upon the capability of HRISs to centralize HR needs, but the topic is worth a deeper look. An ideal HRIS provides an intuitive way to customize workflows, manage electronic employee files, and integrate with supporting HR tools. (Some users, however, were disappointed when they discovered they had to integrate with third-party modules, as that meant the solutions were robust standalone products.)

Namely is an all-in-one HR platform that helps mid-size businesses create a flexible, centralized employee database, maintain and update org charts, easily configure time off tracking, and automate approvals for salary changes and promotions. Namely also provides a unique, social media-like interface for the platform’s employee profiles; ideally, this promotes better engagement amongst employees using the solution. The company also offers Managed Services, which helps smaller companies implement the tool.

Neil S., a user of Namely, wrote in a Namely review that: “Namely offers a completely centralized HRIS platform, which is essential for multi-location businesses. We run operations in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, so we placed a lot of emphasis on making sure our HRIS could provide a consistent experience to all our employees. This goes a long way to making all employees feel part of the same company, irrespective of their location … As a centralized HR department, we needed a single pane of glass view across the business, and Namely provides that. We have access to comprehensive reporting [and] real-time information on key HR and business metrics.”

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